Lesson 8
Myths & Legends: The Abominations

Where the Abominations came from remains a mystery to this day. Many sages have theorized they were the unwanted offspring between roaming deities and demonic beasts. Now while Primals can not procreate, many have claimed this is from the union of other gods such as the Titans, Olympians or those of other such worlds that are as yet unknown to the scholars of Imperia. However what is certain is that the Abominations are unwanted offspring. They are misshapen, grotesque, and horribly marked from their godly birth-throes. They however survive such a birth and live on, nurtured by their quasi-deific powers and pure, undiluted hate of their forebears and all naturally formed creatures. Rejected by both the heavens and the darkest of hells, they are usually sealed away for eons at a time however some tend to escape either by their own plans and design or accidentally freed by some wanderer. An abomination's appearance can panic nations, worlds, or entire planes of existence. While they are normally locked away, during times of strife among the gods they manage to be free and run loose in sheer numbers spreading forth a destruction of biblical proportions. They possess the basic spark of godhood and, due to this, are virtually immortal unless slain but a few scholars claim they are not really immortal, that they just age so slowly and require such little sleep, food and air that only conflict brings about their recorded deaths. Despite being unable to grant spells and abilities to followers, a few small cults have sprung up in worship of them. They are known to speak the language of the Abyss, the Celestials, the Infernals, The Titans and the Olympians and a rare few even know the rare Primal tongue. While several exist, records gathered from various tomes, legends and stories handed down over the centuries tell of nine such Abominations, these nine being the oldest and most well known among the Abominations. Only these nine are called the Abominations and some scholars claim the offspring of these creatures and younger Abominations are what many call the "Infernals" and the "Celestials".

The Anaxim is an Abomination made not from lust, but piece by labored piece from mechanical designs inspired by apocalyptic impulses. They are constructs that were never purged as they should be, creations of civilizations long forgotten that are self aware, and the designs crafted by gods of the forge that simply went terribly wrong. While just a deific type of animated construct, the Anaxim is intent on exacting revenge for being consigned to the scrap heap by it's creators. While an Anaxim has not been seen on Imperia, other worlds have reported seeing it and in it's wake usually occurs large swarms of Clockworks.

The Atropal was said to be a stillborn godling that spontaneously arose as an undead. Who's child it was is unsure but fingers have been pointed at the Elder Titans, to Zeus, and even to the Primals themselves. It is said to be a constant force of anti-life, a creature that if left alone death would expand outwards from it. Some stories regarding undead nations have even claimed that they were once started by an Atropal that just took up residence nearby. Very little is known of this horrific creature, but a few believe it is buried somewhere on one of the unexplored lands of Imperia.
The Chichimec is said to be the unwanted offspring of a deity of the sky and air, resembling a clump of madly flapping, fluttering, scrabbling wings. Very little has ever been written about it, just a fable that one time the Olympians locked one away on a large world made of gas close to one of the world's of their dominion long before the time of the Three Kingdoms.

Dream Larvae is actually believed to be several creatures, all ruled by an elder type who many think was a random spawning from the Plane of Dreams or the misbegotten offspring of some unknown deity with a portfolio dealing with fancy, longing and dream. One is said to exist, and it infects people with night terrors of a fatal intensity. Nightmares so intense the person dies and in their place arises a Dream Larva. These manifested nightmares roam, seeking new prey. What they look at is hard to figure out as some claim it can alter it's appearance into what a person finds most terrifying.
Among the Abominations, Hecatoncheires is said to be the oldest. It is said to of been born of deities at the very beginning of the multiverse itself, and a few even think they are leftover remains from long destroyed universes as those deities within it all massed together into one hideous shape. Very little is known of them, but legend has it one such creature being released is cause of great alarm within a universe and the last time one was released Primals from several universes all converged on that one universe in a battle that spanned millennia. The appearance of Hecatoncheires at a universe is said to be the explanation behind the Primal's absence during the Titan and Olympian Ages.

The Infernal is said to be the creature from which all Infernal are spawned however no proof of this was ever found. Legends fill the air of The Infernal, such as it being the demonic god of some destroyed planet to it being the result of a mating between a god and fiend. This evil creature is a bringer of destruction, a true menace, and a creature of great power. The arrival of one in a plane of the Abyss is also cause for panic, cause the Infernal is of such power they could easily challenge and destroy a demonic prince and leave it's kingdom in ruin. Reports of the Infernal are sporadic, but it has been one of the two Abominations of which people are certain exists.
Phaethon is said to be a creature that is the result of a god of fire, or maybe even a failed attempt to create a Plane of Fire on some universe. Whatever the case, it is said to be a creature as hot as the sun itself and smaller incidents of this creature are said to be locked away in the very heart of worlds. The oldest and main one however is said to reside within a star in some distant galaxy.

The Phane is noted as the Abomination dealing with time and is thought to be either the result of a mating of gods of time, or the result of a massive paradox which brought about the demise of an entire universe. The Phane is said to of also later attacked a universe, finding a way to destroy the past of that universe and setting forth a chain reaction in which that universe's present and future simply ceased to be. If that event spawned another Phane it is unknown however very likely. For the Phane, time is fourth dimensional. The past, present and future are all one and time itself is without any meaning. Sometimes it is said it collects victims and feed off of them but others claim it has altered the fate of nations, worlds and planes for it's own dark amusement. A few even blame the entire rise of the Shadow Knight Empire on the Phane, claiming that it has engineered their rise from the very beginning and guides Galadore subtely to avoid any pitfalls the future might bring.
The Xixecal, like the Infernal, is an Abomination that people are certain exists. This evil being is said to be the result of a union of gods concerning evil, ice and chaos. The Xixecal is known to exist on Imperia, and is said to make it's home somewhere within either the northern or southern poles of Imperia. It usually remains there, but a few times it has been spotted far from it's abode, walking about the land and plunging people into deadly winters. If other smaller Xixecals exist, it is unknown however it is possible.

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