Below are the plans for the TwistedBlade Inn from the basement level on up to the 7th story roof. Clicking on each image shall display them in more detail as well as include more information pertaining to what can be found on each floor. The TwistedBlade Inn measures out 120 feet east to west (Including Everlasting Wing's storage building/landing pad & Direct stairwell access to ?) by 62 feet north to south (Including front porch) and by 70 feet top to bottom (Not including basement level which begins fifty feet below the 1st Floor). To the immediate south of the inn, just thirty feet from the rear wall, is the cliff face heading down to the seas below. From that point it is a fifty foot drop right into the water. To the east, west and north of the inn are the various houses and shops of the city of Tantallon with the Tantallon Docks being a couple of blocks east and the Town Square and Tantallon Castle located several blocks north. For a sense of scale on the floor maps each square shaped tile area is 2 square feet.

    The floor plans shown are of the Inn after it's renovation when purchased by Robert Allen in an auction by Damocles after the property was seized from it's former owner, Dejicere, by the Damocles Empire. Following the purchase Seamus Ulric was contracted out to design several renovations and additions which included a total redesign of the 2nd,3rd,4th & 5th floors as well as the addition of the 6th and 7th floors. Changes to the 1st floor included the storage/landing shed for Gareth Rulban's airship Everlasting Wings, a new backdoor from the kitchen, a new supply access door and direct stairwell access to the 5th floor. No changes were made to the basement level.

tbi1flrn.jpg (227813 bytes)

1st Floor 

tbi2frn.jpg (150690 bytes)

2nd Floor 

tbi3frn.jpg (141399 bytes)

3rd Floor 

tbi4flrn.jpg (140476 bytes)

4th Floor 

tbi5flrn.jpg (89923 bytes)

5th Floor

tbi6flrn.jpg (88373 bytes)

6th Floor 

tbi7flrn.jpg (57321 bytes)

7th Floor 

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