Located within the very coastal edge of the Southern District of the city of Tantallon is a large seven story building most people would glance at and deem far too shady and dangerous looking and pass right by it. However to the locals and the informed traveler they know this place as an Inn which has been a part of this coastal city for many decades as well as a colorful landmark with many stories of heroes and villains, life and death, and victory and tragedy that all started or took place within the interiors of this Inn called the TwistedBlade.

    Opened up in 678 AD by the infamous pirate Zarak Scythe this Inn has long held the reputation both as a place of great danger and the scene of many tragic deaths, grand stories and tales of the many heroes and villains who have graced this Inn such as the current Damocles Emperor Baiganx Windfire, the vile Lich Vinader and the former master of the Shadow Knight Empire Galadore. Once an old warehouse till it was bought by the pirate Zarak Scythe this Inn has expanded to include seven floors, a basement, over seventy rooms for rent. This building has passed hands from Zarak Scythe to the Mage Dejicere to Robert Allen and now to Core Drakian Fyce. Each day people come and go from the Inn and you will see many orcs, humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, dre'ak as well as people from all walks of life such as merchants, miners, and city guard as well as many adventurer's and wanderers all looking to make a name for themselves in Tantallon and the planet Imperia.

    Now speaking OOCly (Out of Character) the #TwistedBlade_Inn is a Fantasy Medieval Free Form Role Play channel set in the RP System/Setting of Imperia and is for the player who wants advanced and complex action packed role play. For something with a slower pace we recommend #ArennonMist_Inn and if you have any questions visit our OOC (Out of Character) channel of #Imperia. The channel's IC (In Character) location is within the southern/coastal tip of the Southern District in the popular trade port of Tantallon, capital of the Axius Kingdom.

    All players are welcome provided you follow the rules as well as have an approved character to play in the channel and the setting. For more information I suggest reading out Player Introduction as well as our OOC channel of #Imperia and asking an op any questions you have as well as any current events taking place within the city of Tantallon as the city is indeed a chaotic and hectic place constantly being grabbed at by several warring nations. Also visit our Discussion Forum and feel free to observe the role play within a channel to understand more about it. We are happy to help anyone and we look forward to seeing you at our channel. Just like #Imperia and #ArennonMist_Inn, #TwistedBlade_Inn is located on the IRC Network of Darkmyst (/server irc.darkmyst.org 6667)

The location of the TwistedBlade Inn is not only some city on the coast it is also a town important to the political scene and to history itself. Learn more about the city around you as you travel about in the TwistedBlade Inn.

The TwistedBlade Inn is filled with friendly staff, dangerous rogues and wizards and several creatures and can be either a peaceful vacation or the last stop you shall ever make. Learn more about the Inn such as it's Staff, Prices and various other notes of interest.

The Inn's designs are an oddity due to it's origins and to see them will help you better visualize where your characters and others are standing. Contained within are images of all floors and levels of the TwistedBlade Inn.

Since purchased by the infamous pirate Zarak Scythe all the way up to it's current owner Core Fyce the Inn has had a very colorful and sometimes shady history. While not as massive as the history of Tantallon or the history of Imperia itself all history is important as it reminds us of where we have been and where we are going.

Continuing in the tradition of the Seamus Ulric's Rangers Guild, Certus Services is the premier Adventurer's Guild with branches in Tantallon, Daguenet and Port Arennon and have people for hire to handle any problem big or small. Here in Tantallon you can visit the headquarters of the guild in the Bazaar District and call upon their services for a problem you have or join this well respected Adventuer's Guild.

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