Certus Services is an Adventurer's Guild with branches in Tantallon, Daguenet, Port Arennon and Relgard with a mission to help and serve those in need. Not every crisis or problem can be answered by the ruling government or military a town and sometimes a problem arises in which a person cannot go to the Damocles Empire, Axius Kingdom or the Kingdom of Mennald and in that time Certus Services is called upon to help the people. Many enlist the members of the guild for protection jobs, scouting, retrieval, investigations, exploration and other such jobs which Certus Services gets first pick in.

    The guild is headed by Lord Derian Fenthoden, a noble of the Axius region who made his fortune from the New Brookstin silver mine and was a respected member of the community for his long years of service as Seamus Ulric's 2nd in command of the Rangers Guild. With many ties to the community as well as friends in several Kingdoms Lord Fenthoden is more the ambassador for the guild and manages the business fairs of the company as a whole with individual guildmasters in charge of the three branches: Redrick Turgon heads the Tantallon branch, Mitch Grelter heads the Daguenet branch and Gregir Tailenson heads the Port Arennon branch.

    OOCly (Out of Character) speaking Certus Services is an Adventurer's Guild and suitable for low to middle level characters and can also serve as the good jumping point for plots. Several times plots and adventures and quests will be offered out from Certus Services but only to it's members. To become a member then your character would need to speak to someone in the guild about joining and all characters are expected to obey a series of rules and guidelines (Nothing more complex than a code of conduct and giving a bit of your fee to the guild itself). If you want more information about it then ask around in #Imperia.

Certus Services Tantallon

Long the very headquarters for the entire group, Certus Services Tantallon operates out of the former Rangers Guild building located in the northeast corner of the Tantallon Town Square in the Bazaar District. The branch guildmaster, Redrick Turgon who has long been a respected member of the community as well as a skilled warrior and soldier who served in the First Shadow Knight-Damocles War, manages the affairs and missions of this area which include aiding the Tantallon City Guard as well as investigating matters in outlying Brookstin as well as all territory for a twenty mile reach from the city. Besides this they also work security for ships docked in the Harbor, cargo escort and delivery. building security, dispute mediation, training and education as well as other social services paid for by customers or free when the one requesting the services is unable to pay the Guild. Certus Service's mission is to help the community, not gain a profit.

Certus Services Daguenet

Acquired in the purchase of Hunter's Guild, this branch is actually contained within three basement levels underneath the Wandering Wolf Tavern and it's guildmaster, Mitch Grelter who was the former governor of the town and a Damocles soldier, helps manage the affairs of this branch as they help protect the small colony town and explore the landscape of Daguenet. Daguenet is the most distant settlement of the Damocles Empire being some 2,500 miles across the ocean from the Damocles city of Tantallon and is deep within a Talasium rich land where the Talasium causes a "Magic Dead Zone". Certus Service's main focus here is exploration, home construction and town defense.

Certus Services Port Arennon

The newest branch, this guild is located in the tranquil port town of Port Arennon on Mennald Island some 40 miles south of Tantallon. As this guild is just starting they are quickly moving to establish themselves by continuing on the mission of Certus Services and helping the community as well as the rest of Mennald Island. With the opening of the branch in Relgard, Port Arennon's main focus has now shifted to points west of Port Arennon as this branch acts in a manner to reinforce other branches as needed and with a lot of away missions.

Certus Services Relgard

With the threats towards Tantallon, Certus Services felt they needed a secondary headquarters and base of operations so when the town of Relgard was founded, they built a Certus Services branch in Relgard modeling it exactly after the Guildhall in Tantallon. Relgard is located on Mennald Island,newest branch, this guild is located in the tranquil port town of Port Arennon on Mennald Island some 40 miles south of Tantallon. The branch is headed by Sir Gregir Tailenson, a Knight of Damocles and a distant world known as Eirn as well as an experienced warrior who has slay many foes such as the Shadow Knight wolfwere Madril and a dragon that recently threatened the small town of Port Arennon. As this guild is just starting they are quickly moving to establish themselves by continuing on the mission of Certus Services and helping the community as well as the rest of Mennald Island.

Rangers Guild

Founded in 624 by Edgar Drake the 1st of Axius, this guild was made to fill the void of any guilds due to the Guild Wars several decades earlier and it's purpose was to help those with dire problems yet those that were not important enough to warrant the attention of the Tantallon City Guard and the guild became famous for it's line of warriors and valiant deeds as they strived to help the common man of Tantallon. The last owner, Seamus Ulric, ran the guild between 689 and 705 AD till the Shadow Knight Empire and the forces of Lord Rehel conquered Tantallon and set the Rangers Guild building aflame. Many great members died however many were able to flee to the Tantallon sewers and escape certain death. The hall remained in ruins for many years till Tantallon came under the control of the Damocles Empire and funds were raised for the rebuilding of the guildhall after which it was purchased by Lord Derian Fenthoden. However during that time where the Rangers Guild lay in ruins there was a guild to fill the void caused from it's demise.

Hunter's Guild

Started by Allen Gunwein this group rose in popularity as it continued the job that the Rangers Guild started and this guild of warriors was greatly received and welcomed by Damocles and Axius. Soon a second branch was established beneath the Wandering Wolf Tavern in Daguenet and that branch was devoted to helping protect the colony town from the threats of the great unknown. Gunwein's mysterious wealth helped to quickly build up this guild and allow it to hire the best of the best of those warriors and adventurers seeking to make a name for themselves. The guild, sometimes called Vagrant Sanctum, established itself in Tantallon by providing their skills and services to the needy populace and also managed to turn a tidy profit. Gunwein headed the expansion in Daguenet while Rick Solma managed toe Tantallon branch of the Hunter's Guild. However Lord Derian Fenthoden soon offered Gunwein a more profitable proposition and soon Hunter's Guild was purchased and absorbed into Certus Services where Gunwein remains as a trainer in the Tantallon branch.

All members must follow the rules of society as well as rules of our organization. For the benefits and services we provided our rules are not a high demand of our members but important regardless.

No business can survive if it doesn't take in profit and it is cause of that we charge for our services as well as impose a fee on our members. Also listed you can see the many services we provide to paying customers and guild members.

Shown here are the floor plans and building designs for all four Certus Services branches - Tantallon, Daguenet, Port Arennon & Relgard. Within these halls one can relax and rest or seek out the help of Certus Services.

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